Soltesz Artist News

Danielle Wyckoff Awarded Public Art Commission in Park City, Utah by Melissa Soltesz

Danielle Wyckoff was awarded a large scale public art commission for the Park City, Utah public library. Surroundings, the site-specific, permanent public art piece, will be installed at the end of June 2015. The piece consists of multiple screenprinted panels that incorporate stories of Park City, told by Park City residents.  The screenprinted stories create a mountain-scape that refers to how we collect information, internalize knowledge, and how this collection, as well as our community, composes our understandings of ourselves and our surroundings. The installation has a secondary element including metal discs which refer to the city's history as a silver mining town as well as the dynamic weather of the area.

Heather Patterson Denver International Airport Commission by Melissa Soltesz

Heather Patterson is currently working on a 10'x 23' painting commissioned by the City and County of Denver for the Denver International Airport's new Westin and Conference Center. The painting will be permanently installed in the conference center, at the entrance to the Ballroom, in the Fall of 2015.