Zin Lim

Zin Lim Bio

Born in Seoul, South Korea Zin Lim moved to San Francisco, CA and started his fine art career in 2002. Lim completed an MFA, with distinction, at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA in 2006. Upon graduation he was offered a faculty position by the Graduate School of Fine at Academy of Art University and he has been an art educator and final review committee member at the AAU and award judge since.

Lim's figurative works are created with mixed media techniques and mainly oil based. His work has received numerous awards including Grand Prize at 'The Salon International 2006', Exceptional Merit Award at 'The Portrait Society of America 2006' and Award of Excellence at 'The Oil Painters of America 2006. Lim's work has been represented at Saatchi Gallery, Addison Gallery, Waterhouse Gallery, Deloney Newkirk Fine Art and Abend Gallery.

Artist Statement

In either representation or abstraction portraying a person who I know gives me a feeling that it fossilize the object or unifies the products. Rather, the identity is such a relative and ever-changing subject that I have to capture it without yielding to any form of consistency or standard.

ID Series (2010-) ID (Identity) series is a transparent portrait of a person who I know, sympathize, love and/or remember through my experience. The experience includes the moment in which I paint the person on a canvas. The subject, myself, and canvas each take a roll of subject, object, or mediator. The rolls are circularly shifted, at any given time when the meaning is intense enough to be ignited. I leave the traces of what I perceive or sense and the collaboration appears on canvas as a fragmented or harmonious hybrid style. The process is continually explored until the painting is complete.

NOMAD Series (2015-) ID series is a question about 'who' and the Nomad series is an answer to it. The Nomad series is more focused on a comprehensive view of human being as a traveler.

ALLEGRO Series (2015-) Rhythm, melody, tone, bit and motion are created with the most primitive medium, charcoal. The Allegro series is a bit of a carnival to me.