Corrie Slawson Bio/CV

Corrie Slawson's work is a constant visual consideration of places that teeter between vitality and vacancy. From this research, using her own composited photography as a journalistic survey of properties and land, she builds macro and microscopic city- and landscapes on paper in a variety of print media with handwork. she parses and presents development patterns, population loss and land-use policies from the visual language already extant in her surroundings-- color, architecture, reflectivity, texture and pattern. Reflective materials such as metal leaf and spray paint allow subtle transitions that mirror her original movements through spaces, as the pace of her walking past city blocks or momentary sun glare from a car window.

Most often the photos are meditations on Slawson's daily transit between work and family obligations in her city of Cleveland and its oldest inner ring suburbs. Two recent residencies in Dresden, Germany, and Tijuana, Mexico, have allowed her to consider the historical and current complexities of these places as she has confronted the life-cycle of her own community. Because of these residencies she has significantly broadened her color palette and introduced an expanded range of elements inherent to those cities.

The literal and descriptive titles of her artwork belie her formalist approach to reveal deeply held convictions about human impact on the urban and natural eco-system. The uneasy relationship between old neighborhoods and new residents often derives from how “haves” and “have-nots” relate in the ever-changing movement of populations. In Cleveland, a city with a once gilded age of unchecked wealth and enormous growth, the community deals with urban sprawl despite a dwindling population. In Dresden, the firebombing at the end of World War II impacted its physical and social history in ways still present in its psyche. In Tijuana, its border-town status informs its visual culture and environment.


2006: Kent State University, Kent, OH, Master of Fine Arts - Degrees in Painting and Printmaking
1997: Parsons School of Design, New York, NY, Bachelor of Fine Arts - Degrees in Painting and Printmaking


"Gaps, Voids and Borders (some imagined, all arbitrary", Soltesz Fine Art, Portland, OR
"A Desert of Magnificence... (a glittering waste of laborious idleness.)", Shaheen Modern & Contemporary, Cleveland, OH
"Take I-80W until the light changes...", Peoria Art Guild, Peoria, IL

"Making Money the Harder Way", The Sculpture Center, Cleveland (June)

"Work Party 118", SpaceLAB, SPACES, Cleveland, OH (Jan-March)

"Pulled Passed", Zygote Press, Cleveland, OH with Emily Blaser (April-May)

Portfolio, Volume 3, Issue 25 Angle: A Journal of Arts & Culture, Cleveland, OH (March)

"Processed Meaning", Kent State University School of Art, Kent, OH (December)


Revision Glocal Review Beijing-Tijuana, Centro Cultural Tijuana, Tijuana, Baja, CA, Mexico (July-Sept)

95th Toledo Area Artists Exhibition, Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, OH (November 21 2014-January 4 2015)
Behind the Platen, La Roche College, Pittsburgh, PA & Univ. of Akron, Akron, OH (Sep-Jan 2014)
U R B A N S C A P E FROM A BIZARRE PRESENT, TJ in China Project Space, Tijuana, Baja, CA, Mexico (April-May)
In Print, Cleveland Clinic Glickman Tower, Cleveland, OH (April-July)
Vacancy, No Vacancy (curated by Lisa Kurzner & Jon Seydl), Waterloo Arts, Cleveland, OH (April-May)

Ctrl+Alt+Del (curated by Indra Lacis), Zygote Press, Cleveland, OH (November)
Parsons Alumni Exhibition, Parsons School of Design, New York, NY (October)
Curb Appeal, Rooms to Let/Temporary Art Space, Columbus, OH (May 18)

Paperworks (curated by Andrea Joki), Heights Arts Gallery, Cleveland Heights, OH (Sept-Oct)
Time and Place, Urban Art Space at the Ohio State University, Columbus, OH (Aug-Oct)
Foreign Affairs, Galerie Standenhaus, Dresden, Germany (June-July)
72nd Midwestern Biennial, Rockford Art Museum, Rockford, IL (May-Sep)
8501 to 11400 (On Moving), Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, OH (Jan-Mar)

Colorado, Galerie Module Drei, Dresden, Germany (October)
3 Artists, one exquiste wall, Zygote Press (May-June)
Moving On (curated by Prof. Martin Ball), KSU Downtown Gallery, Kent, OH (Jan-Feb)

Be A Nomad, Cleveland Public Art & Zygote Press, Cleveland, OH (June-July)
4 Ohio Print Shops, Zygote Press, Cleveland, OH (April)

Works In Progress, Zygote Press, Cleveland, OH (June-July)
William Busta Presents: Zygote Press Year 12, The Beck Center, Lakewood, OH (Feb-March)

Nancie Mattice Emerging Artist Exhibition, Dangenart Gallery, Nashville TN (March)

Street Repairs (curated by Don Harvey), SPACES Gallery, Cleveland, OH (Sept-October)


2014: Nesnadny and Schwartz Visiting Critic Program (studio visit with Andria Hickey), MOCACleveland (July)
          3rd Place, Vacancy, No Vacancy (curated by Lisa Kurzner & Jon Seydl), Waterloo Arts, Cleveland, OH (April)
          TJINCHINA Project Space, Tijuana, Mexico (March)
          The Drawing Center Viewing Program, New York, NY (2012-14)
2013: Quarter Art Editions, SPACES, Cleveland, OH
2011: Individual Excellence Award, Ohio Arts Council (2D Visual Arts)
         Residency Fellowship, Grafikwerkstatt, Dresden, Germany (Sep-Oct)


Warehouse Distict Anthology Historical Markers, LAND Studio & Cleveland’s Warehouse District (2013-16)


The Cleveland Clinic
The Westin Hotel (downtown Cleveland)
University Hospitals of Cleveland, Ohio
Arts Council, Columbus OH & Zygote Press (Cleveland)


Morgan Meis: 28 Days in Cleveland, Art, July 9, 2015
Jill Holslin: Aesthetic Dislocations: TJ in China Project Space remakes Tijuana’s Image, Art at the Edges, San Diego, CA, May 23, 2014
Douglas Max Utter: Before MOCA Cleveland’s move, last exhibit looks ahead and back, The Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH, February 13, 2012
Douglas Max Utter: The Tying of Plot 118; SpaceLab takes a walk on the east side, Cleveland Scene, Cleveland OH, February 24, 2010